636: Trump TV is Pure North Korean Style Propaganda

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If Obama had tried anything like this, the conservative community would have gone into convulsions.

Last weekend former CNN pundit Kayleigh McEnany posted a broadcast from “Trump Tower” on the presidents Facebook page.

The show resembled a legitimate news broadcast and claimed to be the “real” news.

What was it? Pure propaganda. It would appear the president is no longer satisfied with the coverage he’s been getting and has decided to do it himself.

Is this a one off broadcast or is this a new era in political communication in America?

In my mind, it doesn’t matter. It’s dangerous. The president has wondered into dictator territory, and we should all be concerned.

This is going to sound crazy, but Elizabeth Warren is making a case for reduced regulation.

Apparently, government imposed regulation has increased the price of hearing aids ten fold!

Those aren’t my figures those are Warrens numbers.

Give them long enough and even the most ardent supporters of government regulation have to admit they’ve gone too far.


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