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13Jul, 2017

627: Net Neutrality is a Silly Made Up Term

July 13th, 2017|

I'm so sick of hearing all the proponents of "net neutrality" complain about the FCC's attempt to remove hundreds of pages of unnecessary regulation. None of them have the slightest idea what they're talking about. For starters 'net neutrality' isn't even a real thing. The Internet has never been neutral or even equal. That's because it's a free market and in a free market broad INEQUALITIES that exist. Net Neutrality is a made up term invented by those who want to have the internet [...]

12Jul, 2017

626: Has Yellen Gone Insane?

July 12th, 2017|

From the mouth of Fed Chair Janet Yellen, "I don't believe we will see another financial crisis in our lifetime." I had to reread the quote three times. From there my mind began to race working all the angles. Why would she say that? What political or economic gain could come from such a ridiculous statement. I am at a loss which leaves me with only one answer. Yellen is drinking her own Kool-Aid and actually believes she can control the market. It's nonsense [...]

11Jul, 2017

625: Trump in Trouble. A smoking gun has appeared.

July 11th, 2017|

I know some of you think I've been watching too much MSNBC but I think Trump has some new problems. It turns out Trump's campaign met with a Russian lawyer because they though she had dirt on Hillary Clinton. That, by itself, is no big deal. The problem is they thought this lawyer was working for the Russian government. What's worse, the guy they sent to the meeting was none other than Trump Jr. The man who sits at the left hand of power. [...]

7Jul, 2017

623: Norway Offers a “Voluntary” Tax. It Did Not Go Well

July 7th, 2017|

That's right, after outrage over a recent tax cut politicians have made it easy to pay more taxes if you feel you're not receiving a firm enough rooting from the government. To date, they have brought in the equivalent of $1,325. You see, most people feel like the taxes they pay are far too high or at least high enough. It's only the other guy doing a little better than we are who are not paying his "fair share." *** MiConnell is all but [...]

6Jul, 2017

622: CNN’s Tough Talk Backfires BIG TIME

July 6th, 2017|

CNN could not have misplayed their hand worse if they tried. Apparently, CNN is still living in a world where they control the narrative and hold the all the power. Nothing could be further from the truth. The power in today's media is held by the nameless, faceless trolls on the internet who have both time and skill as their weapons. CNN found out the hard way that heavy-handed threats and self-righteous demands will not scare off the hoards of social media-savvy Americans who [...]

5Jul, 2017

621: Are You White? Then You’re the Problem

July 5th, 2017|

That's the claim of one Fairfield University professor. If that sounds like straight racism, you're right! It's the exact definition of racism. I've also got the inside scoop on Austin Petersen's Senate announcement and some great stories on what qualities make us successful. Jason P.S. If you were looking for the link to my business course, here it is. http://www.jasonstapleton.com/kickstart

3Jul, 2017

620: You Crazy Lunatic, 70 Year Old Man Baby!

July 3rd, 2017|

The media is going bonkers over Trumps latest tweets. They're calling his sanity into question while claiming he's calling for violence against the media. The reality is, both the media and Trump are right...and wrong. I'll break it down for you today. *** Politico has a story out claiming Colorado Springs has tried and failed to create a libertarian paradise. It's an extremely slanted article, but there's plenty we can learn from the discussion. I may manage to piss off everyone today. You be [...]

22Jun, 2017

619: Michael Malice Joins Me to Talk North Korea.

June 22nd, 2017|

We get a lot of fear mongering coming out of the reporting on North Korea. I've been all over the world, but never over the 38th parallel so... My perspective, opinion, and analysis of the North Korean situation is based solely on my life experience. That's why I've invited Michael to come and share his insights. He's a recognized authority on North Korea, and he's got a sense of humor to boot. I got a lot out of this interview, and I know you [...]

21Jun, 2017

618: Military “Flexing” May Take Us Into WWIII

June 21st, 2017|

There's been a lot of posturing over the last few days with Russian and NATO jets "buzzing" each other in the sky. It's the type of high school flexing designed to see if you'll flinch. The problem is, this type of juvenile shenanigans can start a war, and all sides should take a step back from the edge. Don't count on any big changes. Both the US and Russia are lead by macho-personas that don't show any signs of capitulation. Are we on the [...]

20Jun, 2017

617: The World Economy is Changing. Here’s How You Stay Ahead of the Curve

June 20th, 2017|

The interwebs are in an uproar over Amazon's purchase of Whole Foods. Apparently, the world is ending, and big companies like Amazon must be stopped. Never mind the fact that people can now get goods from all over the world shipped to their front door in 2 days for FREE. And let's ignore the how Amazon often offers products cheaper than they can be purchased in store, providing additional savings to consumers. The critics are right about one thing. Our global economy is changing. [...]

16Jun, 2017

615: Should You Go To Jail Over Something You Said?

June 16th, 2017|

Free speech right? But what if someone died because of what you said? More precisely what if you encouraged someone to kill themselves and then they did it? That is exactly what happened to Michelle Carter. When she was 17, she convinced her boyfriend to commit suicide by sitting in his car and pumping fumes into the cab. Her boyfriend died, and text messages revealed what a sinister black widow Michelle really is. Today Michelle was convicted of manslaughter and faces 20 years in [...]

15Jun, 2017

614: Politicians Fear for Their Lives and Beg For More Security.

June 15th, 2017|

I irony is not lost on me that Republicans, men, and women who love to rattle sabers, bang war drums and send our youth off the fight in far off lands are now running scared in the face of a little gunfire. It turns out, despite talking tough politicians are really just scared suits. You'll forgive me for being somewhat unsympathetic. I just can't help feeling indifferent to their plight. Not only do they assume some risk when entering Congress but D.C. makes it [...]

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