561: American Dream? “Move to Canada” Fed Says

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I’m not joking. If you’re looking for the “American Dream,” (the joy of owning your home and the idea that your children will do better than you) your odds are far better in Canada than they are here in America.

According to a new study from the St. Louis Fed if you start in the bottom 1/5 of society you are twice as likely to end up in the top 1/5 if you live in Canada rather than the U.S.

Many would say we have a wealth inequality problem, but that has nothing to do with it. It’s a question of focus. America chooses to focus on inequality rather than mobility and ends up with greater inequality and less mobility.

It’s something that has to change if we want America to be the Land of Opportunity again.


I’m also going to talk a little foreign policy. Secretary of State Tillerson has announced a much tougher line with North Korea as we move one step closer to war.

In reading the article, it reminded me of an email I received from a 10th grader who listens to the show. He was asking me about World War II, and I think his question has parallels with our situation today.

Lots of great stuff in today’s episode including a video of Nancy Pelosi making a fool of herself…again. Enjoy, and don’t forget to subscribe!

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